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Bar Series Butterfly Pea Gin

Immerse yourself in a world of botanical enchantment as we blend the finest organic butterfly pea, local rainforest honey, distillery-grown passionfruit, and Tasmanian pepper berry to craft a gin unlike any other. Every drop of this luscious elixir dances delicately on your tongue, revealing a flavour profile that transcends boundaries and challenges the norms.


But there's more to this extraordinary gin than meets the eye. Prepare to be mesmerised as you witness its enchanting colour transformation when mixed—a captivating experience that will undoubtedly elevate your cocktail game. Picture the rich hue evolving into a captivating masterpiece, beautifully complemented by the zesty freshness of freshly squeezed lime.


Bottles are 700ml & 40% ABV

Bar Series Butterfly Pea Gin

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