All of our Australian gin is a reflection of our creative side. Innovation balanced with respect for craft Australian gin is high on the agenda here at Wild River and we'd love you to share in the experience. Using unique ingredients to create un-chartered flavour profiles

1875 Australian Signature GIN

Handcrafted from the ground up with our in house produced base spirit first impressions of the 1875 Australian gin is of a fresh forest floor with earthy aromas of sweet quandong berries floating through. As the gin breathes subtle freshness and zesty aromas of lemon myrtle then combine with the cardamom, Australian pepper berry and cinnamon lifting the gin to another level. It mellows out with the sweetness of the vanilla bean softening the finish with hints of aniseed and citrus.

On the palate our 1875 Australian gin leads in with the combined sweetness of vanilla bean and quondong melding together with the juniper and cardamom.  The heat from the pepperberry marries with the lemon myrtle, and the spice from the coriander seeds and cinnamon dance on the palate. It finishes with  subtle flavors of star anise, pepper and citrus leaving you wanting more!

Awards - Bronze - Australian Gin Awards 2020

Australian Gin
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The Wild Dragon Seasonal Australian Gin

When developing this gin our goal was to produce a balanced Australian gin with the use of unique Australian ingredients. Lemon and anise myrtle were added to a traditional gin base along with Australian pepper berry, quandong berries, finger limes and to finish it off tropical dragon fruit.


The result was a beautifully balanced perfumed gin with hints of spice and soft on the palette. The dragon fruit perfectly melding together with the other ingredients creating an extraordinary Australian gin.

Awards - Silver Australian gin awards 2021

The Wild Bull True Australian Gin

Our award winning Wild Bull Gin is a no-nonsense small batch Australian gin. The base spirit for this gin was handcrafted and distilled right here at Wild River Mountain Distillery.


  The Wild Bull is a traditional style Australian gin that we created to go perfectly in a G&T, appealing to every day Aussies. The flavors in this Australian gin are well balanced and amazing on the palate with juniper, coriander,  angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon, orris root, and cubeb, finishing with a hint of vanilla.  

Bottles are 700ml and 40% ABV

Awards - Silver Australian Gin Awards 2020

Bronze Melb Int Spirit Comp 2018

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Forest Mist


 Ghost Gin is an expression of the Wild River Mountain Distillery journey, what inspires us, keeps us on track, what we plan for the future and what has lead us to this moment. We will all become Ghosts of this world, the question is what will we leave behind....

Our in house base spirit leads the way with Juniper forward flavours marrying together with the subtleties of ginger, cubeb, coriander seed, licorice root with hints of lemon and orange peel. A delicious sipping gin on ice or as a mixer with soda or a premium tonic water. This is such a delicious Gin which reflects the flavours of the forest of the Wild River combined with a label that takes you on a visual journey.  Bottles are 700ml and 45% ABV.

Awards - Silver Australian Gin Awards 2020

Australian gin