2017 created by Wes Marks @ wild River Mountain Distillery

License #12188

Establishment # 14803

Liq Lic # 191234

In Australia it is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years

So it hasn't always been smooth sailing... in his younger years Wes' first experiment with brewing ended badly with bottles of exploding ginger beer ruining his mothers art studio! It was the best tasting ginger beer but unfortunately the bottles needed to be opened upside down to alleviate the pressure (one even shooting out of Wes' hand like a rocket up to the sky)... Wes also unfortunately managed to destroy a garden shed that was fully stocked with all sorts of weird and wonderful brews from ginger beer to treacle ale with one exploding bottle... setting off a chain reaction (the shed still exists with remnants of the exploding bottles). This journey continued as  he tried and experimented with all sorts of brews. From home brew beer to molasses ale, everything that could be fermented was fermented.


 The very first still was designed from a cooking pot with a glass lid and a copper pipe coiled out the side. This still was simple but worked!  Hours were spent sitting in front of this still trying to understand the art of distillation. While sifting through the b**s** of home brew fuel yeasts and all the crap they try to sell you Wes discovered how simply quality alcohol could be produced with simple yeast, and not with all the  additives that the local home brew store leads you to believe you need. This was a game changer.  Simple sugar and basic yeasts could create amazingly flavored alcohol distilled with patience and skill on the right still.  This was the starting point from where all of our recipes today for Australian whisky, rum and gin began.

In the beginning...

Sitting 2850ft above sea level...

On the banks of the Wild River our craft distillery is one of Australia's highest elevated distilleries. Driven by a passion to create world class Australian whisky, gin and rum on a small batch scale, Wild River Mountain Distillery was established in 2017 by experienced brewer and distiller Wes Marks and his wife Amy. 


Our focus is producing quality Australian whisky, gin and rum that combine old & new world techniques drawing on a lifetime of experience, combining quality ingredients with ingenuity and passion to create a unique range of spirits that stand out in the Australian market.​


Nestled away in the mountains of ...

The Atherton Tablelands Far North Queensland, in a valley cradling the western edge of the Great Dividing Range our distillery experience's unique weather patterns for the region.

Winter frosts frequent the area with temperatures recorded as low as -12 degrees. We also experience cool nights all year round with high temperature variations on a daily basis, this combination of climate and elevation is ideal for producing world class spirits and is reflected in the way our Australian whisky ages in the barrel.


Meet the Distiller crafting Australian Whisky

Wild River Mountain Distillery is a true to heart craft Australian distillery. When we decided to follow a dream and open our distillery, our goal was to create small batch Australian whisky that showcased the true art of a craft distiller and brewer.

Head Distiller Wes Marks, born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, is no newbie to brewing and distilling. His first experience was in high school when he was taught how to separate alcohol from water, this was a turning point and he was fascinated with the process of how sugar could be turned into alcohol from adding something as simple as yeast. 

Perfecting the recipe

Experimentation with larger home made stills and perfecting the recipe for his Australian malt whisky  was an obsession for many years, not to mention Wes' passion - creating an Australian whiskey in the true Tennessee style made from locally grown maize.

Wild yeast, among different yeast strains were experimented with and recipes we perfected. After A LOT of long days sitting in front of a still and a family tree change to the banks of the Wild River, our distillery was born - Wild River Mountain Distillery.

A lifetime of brewing and distilling combined with his career in the agricultural industry both on a commercial and technical level has helped Wes develop Wild River Mountain Distillery with his wife Amy. Inspiration gained from true distillation artists that have gone before us that are true to their Independence and craft spirit  is our drive, and the aim is to slowly grow our family distillery into a world class business.

Wes is a true believer in start small think big, seek inspiration and remember your roots.

Stay tuned, watch our journey and experience true, hand crafted Australian spirits....Cheers