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The much awaited 4th release of our Elevation Australian Whisky is due August 2022

Awards-Bronze - Taste Australia Spirit Awards          
Silver - Australian Distilled Spirit Awards


Australian  Whiskey - Small Batch

We have a passion for creating at Wild River Mountain Distillery. While we love the refined flavors of our Australian Single Malt Whisky we are also crafting an Australian 4 grain corn Whiskey.


The rich red volcanic soils of the Atherton Tablelands are renowned for producing some of the best corn in Australia and has the perfect flavour for creating  Australian Corn Whiskey.



Combined with malted barley,  wheat and rye and ageing in virgin American oak our latest barrels of this whiskey has amazing rich flavours of caramel, Vanilla, spice, chocolate, coffee and oak. The 4th limited bottle release is due  late 2022

Australian Whisky

Wild River Elevation & Australian Whisky

Temperatures at high altitudes such as ours fluctuate daily and allow the flavors in the barrel to meld differently than they do at sea level. 


The temperature at Wild River  fluctuates as much as 25 degrees in a day, falling dramatically at night.



Distillation of spirits at high elevations also means that alcohol boils at a lower temperature, which in turn aids the distiller greater control over the still, which in hand produces a higher quality, more flavorful spirit

Also as the temperature drops in our aging room, the pores of our oak barrels contract and expel the alcohol. The reverse occurs when the temperature rises, drawing new spirit into the pores.


Unlike spirits produced at sea level, this frequent shift in temperature allows more of the whisky to come in contact with the oak during its aging life. The perfect senario for crafting Australian whisky.

When producing our unique award winning Elevation Australian whisky every drop is genuinely hand crafted right here in small batches at our Australian distillery.

All of our Australian Whisky is produced with one goal - perfection.

Our distillery uses only the finest ingredients for our whisky, Australian malted barley, a signature blend of specialty yeast & only the purest of spring water sourced from underground rivers, rich in minerals and perfect for production of our Australian Whisky

We practice  longer, slower fermentation that draws on the flavour of the grains and run our stills slowly to ensure only the finest of hearts are collected


Finally we age our Australian whisky in a combination of small and large oak casks that filter the spirit, slowly moving it in and out of the wood, influenced by our unique cool climate and high elevation.

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