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Bar Series Australian Vodka

Dive into a taste adventure with Wild River Australian Vodka, a pristine elixir that captures the untamed spirit of the land Down Under. Crafted with utmost care, this extraordinary vodka is meticulously distilled from non-GMO Australian wheat and infused with the essence of pure underground unfiltered spring water. Immerse your senses in its remarkable purity, indulging in a silky smoothness that dances across your palate.


Wild River Australian Vodka is a testament to the untamed beauty and natural wonders that define the Australian landscape. Every sip unleashes a wave of pure refreshment, transporting you to the depths of untouched rivers and secret springs. Its untouched flavours harmonise effortlessly with your favourite cocktails, elevating them to new heights of taste and sophistication.


Bottles are 700ml & 40% ABV

Bar Series Australian Vodka

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