What is a Gin? thats the question we love, a gin can be anything it wants to be, a gin is an expression of the well rounded ingredients that wen into it, it is an essence of its origins, in can be added to or taken away. gin can evolve and change over time just like a fine wine does in the bottl. this is what we express in our gins

1875 Australian GIN

What is Australian gin? That's the question we love at Wild River!  A modern-day Australian gin carries a traditional base of juniper berries, but is given the freedom to explore contemporary and unique flavor profiles - Australian gin is an expression of the well rounded, balanced ingredients that are crafted together.   It is in essence, an expression of its origins and can evolve and change over time just like a fine wine and this is what we express in our Australian gin here at Wild River Mountain Distillery. Each batch of our Australian gin is truly unique as we strive for perfection, you are guaranteed when purchasing a bottle you will be drinking a true Australian, quality handcrafted gin.

Our 1875 signature Australian Gin is  an expression of the Wild River terrain and the land we walk

1875 Australian gin is distilled on our small stainless steel & copper pot still designed for maximum copper contact, creating a smooth spirit . We use our very own base spirit  that that contributes to the flavor of the gin and has an extremely smooth mouth feel.

On the nose first impressions of the 1875 Australian gin is of a fresh forest floor with earthy aromas of sweet quandong berries floating through. As the gin breathes subtle freshness and zesty aromas of lemon myrtle then combine with the cardamom, Australian pepper berry and cinnamon lifting the gin to another level. It mellows out with the sweetness of the vanilla bean softening the finish with hints of star anise and citrus.

On the palate our 1875 Australian gin leads in with the combined sweetness of vanilla bean and quondong melding together with the juniper and cardamom.  The heat from the peppercorns marries with the lemon myrtle, and the spice from the coriander seeds and cinnamon dance on the palate. It finishes with  subtle flavors of star anise, pepper and citrus leaving you wanting more!

1875 Australian Gin - Botanical Profile

FROM THE FOREST      Juniper Berries

A HINT OF SPICE      Australian Pepper Berry| Cinnamon

FROM THE EARTH      Cardamom | Coriander Seeds | Star Anise |  Quandong Berries

DELICATE SWEETNESS      Vanilla Bean | Orris Root

CITRUS BUZZ      Lemon Myrtle | Orange | Lemon | Lime


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2017 created by Wes Marks @ Wild River Mountain Distillery

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Establishment # 14803

Liq Lic # 191234

In Australia it is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years